smbclient tar & large files broken on 2.2.7a

Brian Poole raj at
Mon Dec 16 21:48:37 GMT 2002

Quoting Herb Lewis (herb at from 16 December 2002:
> Thanks for the great debugging. Try the following patch and see if
> it corrects all your issues.

Yes, this looks good from a quick test. We shall see if it passes 
the amanda test for backing up the data this evening. I'll report 
back if there are any more problems with it.

Thanks for the quick fix.. I had done something similar but would
rather trust someone more familiar with the code.

> +      DEBUG(3,("skipping file %s of size %12.0f bytes\n",

Might be worth changing this to %.0f just to match the style in 
the other parts of the code. Just a nitpick.

Have a good day,


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