Patch for solaris 2.x to provide nsswitch wins resolution

Steven Tamm steven.tamm at
Mon Dec 16 17:35:01 GMT 2002

The script defines SUNOS5 if the host_os is solaris.  I wasn't
questioning whether or not the predefine was correct, I was questioning
whether it was appropriate, considering that in the
winbind_nss_solaris is included on HPUX.  So the wins.c solaris portion
probably also needs to include HPUX.

I don't know how the samba team is organized; but my assumption was that
whoever was dealing with winbind and nsswitch would know what to do with the
#ifdef, whether that would be place that code in a separate file called
"wins_solaris.c" or create another AC_DEFINE like "NSSWITCH_CONSTR_STYLE" or
something like that.


>       The predefined macros fron a Sun SC-series compilers are
>                    __sun
>                    __unix
>                    __SUNPRO_C=0x500
>                    __sparc (SPARC)
>                    __sparcv9 (SPARC with -xarch=v9|v9a)
>                    __i386 (x86)
>                    __SVR4
> Not that those are double leading underscores.  From memory
> and a quick check on linux, GCC defines a partially overlapping 
> set including __linux and __sun.

To get a full list of possibly-predefined symbols on
a particular installation of gcc, you can do something
  tr ' ' '\012' < /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/3.2/specs | grep D
| sed 's/.*-D//' | sort -u

but it's better to do autoconf-style feature tests than
#if operatingsystem
style tests, isn't it?

- Dan

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