net rpc shutdown - how to poweroff

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Most PCs that use ATX power supplies will turn themselves off after a
shutdown. If your PCs do, then using 'net rpc shutdown' should start the
shutdown process, which once completed, the PC (not samba) is
responsible for turning itself off. I have seen some ATX systems that
won't turn themselves off and instead they sit at the w2k "Turn off
Computer" screen. I haven't really messed with them enough to track down
why. My guess is the motherboard doesn't support the "off" command, or
the right w2k power management drivers weren't loaded.

James Willard
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Is there any possibility to not only shut down but to power off a remote

(w2k) machine with the net rpc shutdown command?
I'd really need it because some users tend to be too lazy to power off 
their machines.

Please help me.


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