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Note that he didn't say he was mounting the NTFS disk remotely. He could be
dual booting this host, and he may need to use the disk in both

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Why in the hell are you doing that???

Why aren't you accessing the 80 G of mpeg files directly from the W2K
system instead of going through your Linux system?

What are you trying to accomplish? Doesn't make sense to me why you are
doing it that way!


AndyChu wrote:

>Thx for reply. May be I have to tell the story in detail. I have about
80G's MPEG file in the hard disk with format of NTFS without any security
>Yesterday, I tried to mount the hard disk in redhat 8.0 (kernel Version
2.4.18-14) with download & install the suitable ntfs service pack(from
linux-ntfs.sourceforge.net). I mount it on the /tmp/win directory. It
success. I can see it at linux side. And then I launch the samba server and
make the /tmp directoy be shared with name tmp. I checked by using smbclient
utility indise the linux platform to connect the samba server. The MPEG
files can be seen inside tmp/win without problem. After that, I use a
win2000 workstation to connect that shared 'tmp' on samba server. Those file
inside the tmp directory can be seen(that is the linux file) but the MPEG
files inside directoy tmp/win cannot be shown. That's what I would like to
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>  (I assume you're asking about serving an NTFS partition via Samba, which
is being hosted on a non-Windows OS which is capable of mounting NTFS
>  You'd have to depend on the quality of the NTFS support on the OS of the
host which is running Samba. It may not support features like Extended
Attributes, which would prevent ACL storage and the NT Security System from
working. There may also be some filename length and case mangling rules that
aren't the same. Depends on the OS, depends on the NTFS mount support.
>  Other than that, simple unsecured file service should work. 
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>  On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 04:06:55PM +0800, AndyChu wrote: 
>  > Does samba support share those files in a ntfs partition ? 
>  This is meaningless.  Samba does not "support" NTFS partitions, because 
>  Samba does not interface with partitions.  If you are asking whether 
>  Samba can *serve* shares from NTFS partitions, that's a question of 
>  whether the host OS supports the filesystem.  If you are asking whether 
>  Samba (smbclient) can *access* shares on NTFS partitions, then yes -- 
>  though NTFS has little to do with it. 
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