leak of some sort in smbcacls

Ronan Waide waider at waider.ie
Sun Dec 15 22:04:01 GMT 2002


just spotted this while leafing through the CVS tree (some code elided
for clarity)


static int cacl_dump(struct cli_state *cli, char *filename)
    fnum = cli_nt_create(cli, filename, CREATE_ACCESS_READ);
    if (!sd) {
        printf("ERROR: secdesc query failed: %s\n", cli_errstr(cli));
        return EXIT_FAILED;
    cli_close(cli, fnum);

So basically, cli_close doesn't get called for fnum if the security
descriptor (sd) is null. Since smbacls appears to be designed for one
file at a time right now, this probably isn't a major issue.

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