Solaris fcntl bug 4735093 (was 4700402)

Bogdan Iamandei bogdan at
Thu Dec 12 06:36:02 GMT 2002

Andy Thomas wrote:
>   Has anyone heard any more about patch availability for this?
> (Sun has closed bug 4700402, since is was a duplicate of 4735093; 
> 4735093 is the current bug for this.)
>   People on this list have reported getting a t-patch to use.
> How did you get it?  What is the patch number?  What version of
> Solaris?

No - it's not a T-patch - it's a quick-hack that works. :)
The proper T-Patch was supposed to come up in December.

>   I have had a case open with Sun since Sep 18 (case # 63186243).  
> I asked them about it again today, and was told again that there 
> is no patch or t-patch available.  I would appreciate any information
> on this.  Thank you.

 From what I recall from the meeting this morning with the Sun guys,
they said that the T-Patch is expected in January, and the final patch
in February.

Anyways - this is what I've been told, so this is what I'm passing on.

As to why the T-Patch is not available - well - it's not available
because it's not a proper T-patch. To get to that stage it has to go
through many hoops inside Sun - so I guess that the best policy is
patience... that and keep nagging them. :)


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