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Andy Thomas ajt at
Wed Dec 11 18:28:13 GMT 2002

  I think this would be quite useful.  I already got good use out of the
profiles program.  I was able to copy a few hundred profiles from our
production domain to our test domain, use the profiles program to change 
all the SIDs, and user's profiles worked.

  As far as a registry editor, command line would be very useful for
calling it from other programs.  Here are things I think would be useful:

Some basic functions (KEY is a unique path)
  -addkey KEY  -value  VALUE      #(add a key/value)
  -modkey KEY  -value  VALUE      #(modify value if key exists [add if not?])
  -delkey KEY                     #(delete key)
  -shokey KEY                     #(print the key/value)  

Some advanced functions 
  Allow KEY to have (*) wildcards to match multiple KEYS

  -modkey  -oldvalue  OLDVALUE  -value VALUE   #(find all keys with value of
                                                 OLDVALUE, change to VALUE)

  add a optional  -replace and -noreplace option to -addkey and -modkey 
      to specify what to do if a key already exists.

  Be able to read KEY/VALUE pairs from stdin or file, and use the input
	to set/replace keys.  For complicated tasks, you could print
	all keys to a file with registry editor, process the file with 
        an external program (perl, awk, sed, etc.) and then run registry editor
	again, reading in the KEY/VALUEs to change.

I am not suggesting this as the command line interface, just functions that 
would be available.
Andy Thomas

 >Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 01:56:50 -0800 (PST)
 >From: Richard Sharpe <rsharpe at>
 >Subject: A registry editor taking shape ...
 >A registry editor, editreg, is slowly taking shape in Samba-head.
 >The goal is to be able to do things like: 
 > - delete keys and values
 > - add keys and values
 > - change keys and values
 > - Change the SIDS/SecDescs applied to keys.
 > - write out the changes tree
 > - create a tree from scratch
 >What would be useful is some thoughts on how the interface should be 
 >constructed, as in command-line, or a .reg file of commands, etc.

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