NetBEUI as main protocol

Jim Morris Jim at
Tue Dec 10 04:21:00 GMT 2002

On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 02:06  PM, Jason Hihn wrote:

> I am wondering if SAMBA can go over NetBEUI yet? I realize I'll 
> probably
> have to re-compile my kernel (easy enough), but what if anything has 
> to be
> done on the SAMBA side?

Microsoft themselves have deprecated the NETBEUI protocol, and Windows 
XP no longer includes support for this protocol. Additionally, NETBEUI 
has never been a routable protocol, and is only suitable to small 
LAN's.  That is why Microsoft and other NETBIOS implementations went 
away from NETBEUI to NETBIOS over TCP/IP and NETBIOS over IPX.

I am not telling you someone out there has not developed a NETBEUI 
protocol stack that will run on Linux (I am assuming you are running 
Linux).  But as a long time network administrator and programmer 
myself, I cannot imagine WHY anyone would waste time doing so at this 
point in time. Doing so would only have made sense quite a few years 
ago (early to mid 1990's!)....

Samba itself is not really where the NETBEUI protocol would have to be 
implemented...  someone jump in and tell me if I am mistaken....
Jim Morris (Jim at

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