Unique printjob name

Tobias.Gerndt at EnBW.com Tobias.Gerndt at EnBW.com
Mon Dec 9 14:06:40 GMT 2002

we got a printjob problem with samba V2.2.7 and citrix terminal services
(i.e. metaframe).
Each printjob from the metaframe server spooled on the samba server has got
one of the following ids:
	-rwx------   1 nobody   nogroup    864256 May 21 13:10
	-rwx------   1 nobody   nogroup     77824 May 21 13:10
	-rw-------   1 nobody   nogroup     34234 May 28 08:00
	-rw-------   1 nobody   nogroup         0 May 18 10:54
That could cause an undetermined destination printer.
We tried to solve this problem by using the samba preexec-parameter. To
avoid this feature (?) we create for each print job an unique spool
directory (%d = current process id):
   root preexec = mkdir -p /var/spool/samba/%d; chmod 700
/var/spool/samba/%d; chown %u: /var/spool/samba/%d
   root postexec = rm -rf /var/spool/samba/%d
After updating samba V2.0.6 to samba V2.2.7 we encountered the problem that
samba don't execute the pre-/postexec-command within the printers-section.
Everything works fine within other sections.

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