Minor improvement to libsmbclient.c

Jürgen Appel jappel at linux01.gwdg.de
Mon Dec 9 00:21:01 GMT 2002

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I was working on a little project using libsmclient when i discovered 
something odd:

I wrote a little program listing the directory contents in "smb://" with 
smbc_opendir to display a list of all workgroups.

Ususally this works quite well. But if some time passes between 
subsequent opendir("smb://") calls, the LMB might have restarted or 
even changed.

Libsmbclient has a clever way to reuse existing connections via 
smbc_server() but this causes problems in this case. After a restart of 
the LMB the connection from that I got the list of Workgroups the first 
time, gets disconnected, but smbc_server() does not yet know about 
this. It constantly offers me the same dead connection instead of 
creating a new one.

I discovered, that in smbc_close() a similar problem must have been 
tackled by calling smbc_remove_unused_server(srv) to try to remove the 
dead connection from the list of connections in case of an error.

Though I am not fully aware how this would help if the connection is 
used by more than 1 open file/dir, it seemed to me, that
calling smbc_remove_unused_server() after an error has happened in 

Adding this line prior the "return -1;" in each 
cli_NetServerEnum-Failiure-Branch made my error disappear. What Do you 
think? Should this go into the main branch? Or is there a better way to 
tell libsmbclient to try to reestablish a dead connection?
Perhaps make smbc_server() check the validity of a connection each time 
it returns one?


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