SID is not checked agains GID only UID when using ACL

Green, Paul Paul.Green at
Sun Dec 8 19:31:12 GMT 2002

0. Thanks for the report and analysis.
1. We tend to ignore HTML mail.
2. We tend to get confused when senders don't identify which version of
Samba they are complaining about. There are now dozens, if not hundreds, of
versions "out there" in the wild.
3. It is always helpful to specify the exact set of Unix or NT4 commands you
used, and the exact debug messages. Make it much easier for others to
reproduce the behavior you are seeing.
4. As this a list to discuss development issues, patches to correct observed
misbehavior are always welcome.


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Subject: SID is not checked agains GID only UID when using ACL

When using NT4 PDC with Samba, and trying to add groups to file and
directory ACLs from a PC to the Samba share it fails (Samba on IBM AIX 5.1
configured "with-acl"). Adding users works fine but not groups. 

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