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Martin Zielinski mz at
Fri Dec 6 12:49:00 GMT 2002

I have problems with an OCE plotter driver which sends invalid data.
To be more precise: when the driver communicates with a w2k server, 
the communication looks like this:
1. AddJob 
2. StartDocPrinter
3. StartPagePrinter
4. EndPagePrinter
5. ResetPrinter
6. Write Printer (correct data format)

Samba (2.2.6 ff):
1. AddJob 
2. StartDocPrinter
3. StartPagePrinter
4. Write Printer (invalid data format)
5. EndPagePrinter

Both communications include several EnumJobs and GetPrinter requests.

1st question is: does anyone know, what makes a driver perform this 
ResetPrinter? (I faked all the printer info 0 fields - did not help)?

I thought, that the driver could be forced to create correct output data if 
the "enable enhanced printing features" box in the advanced-tab could be 
unchecked. This was not possible due to a hardcoded value in the 
samba code. 

question 2: What is the reason to set the attributes of the info_2 struct 
hardcoded to 0x18 (srv_spoolss_nt.c / check_printer_ok())?
Does anything else stops working, if the "=" it is changed into "|="?

BTW: This did not fix the problem - I thought the driver would always produce 
EMF format...:-(


Martin Zielinski       mz at

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