Win2K sp3 and Samba 3.0: status?

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Thu Dec 5 22:03:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Steve Langasek wrote:

> Hello,
> When I try to join a Win2K SP3 server to a Samba 3.0alpha21-controlled NT
> domain, I get the error 'The parameter is incorrect'.  I understand that
> SP3 is known to suffer problems not present with SP2, and the usual
> suggestion seems to be to set 'use spnego = no' in smb.conf.  However,
> this setting does not appear to have any effect, and attempting to join
> the domain gives the same error message.
> Does anyone have any insights into the status of SP3 compatibility in
> Samba?  Would network traces or log files be of use to anyone?
These will be useful. Network traces, that is. However,  you will want to 
turn off the two sign&seal registry entries, and reboot the client before 
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