Man Pages and code mismatches ... with respect to name mangling

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Sat Aug 31 11:30:00 GMT 2002


I notice that the code (at least for mangling method = hash2) does 
different things to what the man pages claim.

Man pages say that if the file starts with a leading ., it is replaced 
with three underscores. Either Ethereal can't count, or they are not. Only 
one is placed there. In addition, it seems that more characters than a 
leading . (dot) are replaced by a single underscore. For example, the # 
character (known as pound or hash) is also replaced by a single 

Secondly, the man pages claim that the first three characters of the 
extension (after the right most period) are forced to upper case etc. What 
it omits to say is that this only true if the extension consists of three 
or less characters. If there are more than five characters in the 
extension, well, they get lost.

Which of these two behaviours is the intended one?

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