[Samba-Technical] Wrtiing files from one linux to another linux

Kevin Liao kevinliao at iei.com.tw
Fri Aug 30 02:06:00 GMT 2002

> The local system isn't running in any ram disk when using smbfs. Even if
> you connect to a localhost samba server, that is a remote system as far as
> smbfs is concerned.
> I'm not sure I understood you here.
> /Urban

Sorry I didn't mention it clearly. The local machine does not have any hard
drive but only one flash (16 or 32 M) and the whole root filesystem is
running in ram disk (/dev/ram).I don't know whether such a system can be
called an embedded system. Anyway the local machine will try to smbmount to
the remote machine which is just a normal PC with linux installed. After the
connection has been established successfully, the local system begins
writing files continuously to the remote end. Therefore, what we want to do
is to detect whether the file had been really saved in the remote storage
device and if something goes wrong we may smbmount to another remote machine
then keep working.


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