PANIC: open_mode_check:/CPU hog: still an issue in 2.2.5 on solaris?

Jeff Mandel jeff.mandel at
Thu Aug 29 13:16:00 GMT 2002

On solaris 8, smbds are growing to max out CPU.
My earlier note of the PANIC was the result of the kill -9 on the 
offending smbd, not from before.

Truss on spinning process showed continuous
sigprocmask(SIG_SETMASK, 0xFED2AD70, 0xFFBEDEC0) = 0
lwp_kill(1, SIGUSR1)                            = 0
sigprocmask(SIG_SETMASK, 0xFFBEDEC0, 0x00000000) = 0
    Received signal #16, SIGUSR1 [caught]
      siginfo: SIGUSR1 pid=5978 uid=0 code=-1
sigprocmask(SIG_SETMASK, 0xFED2AD70, 0xFFBEDE60) = 0
lwp_kill(1, SIGUSR1)                            = 0
sigprocmask(SIG_SETMASK, 0xFFBEDE60, 0x00000000) = 0
    Received signal #16, SIGUSR1 [caught]
      siginfo: SIGUSR1 pid=5978 uid=0 code=-1

In source/smbd/server.c I noticed    
/* POSIX demands that signals are inherited. If the invoking process has
     * these signals masked, we will have problems, as we won't recieve 
them. */
    BlockSignals(False, SIGHUP);
    BlockSignals(False, SIGUSR1);

Could there be a problem with the way samba is started?

In 2.2.5 there is a comment in oplock.c
            if (timeout <= 1) {
                smb_read_error = READ_TIMEOUT;
                return False;

            /* Not a kernel interrupt - could be a SIGUSR1 message. We 
must restart. */
            /* We need to decrement the timeout here. */
            timeout -= ((time(NULL) - starttime)*1000);
            if (timeout < 0)
                timeout = 1;

            DEBUG(5,("receive_local_message: EINTR : new timeout %d 
ms\n", timeout));

Per the previous postings on signal blocking, I upgraded our nss_ldap on 
solaris 8 to v201. We missed the v181 issues as our last previous 
version was 172, and this was fixed in v200 according to Luke, so I'm 
not so sure it's related to nss_ldap.

It looks to me like smb is getting a kill, but ignoring.
I have the lsof for that process as well. What could I look for those?
Any ideas?


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