Session Setup (AndX) on workgroup browsing

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Aug 29 07:43:01 GMT 2002

On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Tom Alsberg wrote:

> Hi there.
> I wonder, why does a SMB/CIFS client need to perform a session setup
> just to see the list of machines in a workgroup?
> I am having some problems with tracing some CIFS code, and at least
> Windows XP clients seem to try to do a session setup when just
> double-clicking on the name of a workgroup (which happens to be a
> domain too) in "Network Neighbourhood / Entire Network"...

in user mode security, the session setup&x call must come before the 
tcon&X.  Share enumeration, browsing is done over CIFS hence the 
requirement for a session setup&X.

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