[Samba-Technical] Wrtiing files from one linux to another linux

Kevin Liao kevinliao at iei.com.tw
Wed Aug 28 20:21:01 GMT 2002

> fsync() (and also fdatasync()?) will cause the local kernel to write any
> modified pages, and for smbfs it also sends a "SMBflush" that tells the
> other end to sync it to disk.
> For mmap()'ed data you can use msync().
> Haven't tested if open(..., O_SYNC) works.
> /Urban

So when fsync() returns, it just means:

1. The remote server has successfully received the SMBflush request but not
proceeded it yet.
2. The remote server has successfully received and done the SMBflush

Does this also apply to Windows system? Thanks!


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