Decoding GSSAPI/SPNEGO in Ethereal

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Wed Aug 28 08:51:01 GMT 2002

>After re-looking at RFC2478 and looking at traces again and talking to
>Diego (:-) at IBM, it looks like the following is occurring:
Yikes!  I should never have let that name out of the bottle.

>1. The negProt response includes a negTokenInit with a list of OIDs for
>mechanisms that the server handles.
Don't forget the server's principal name in the mechListMIC

>2. The client sends a sesssetup&X with another negTokenInit with the
>selected mechanism and a token.
Well, not completely true: if kerberos is what the client wants, he still
sends all the mechanisms, but if NTLMSSP is what he wants, he only sends
that OID.

>3. The server send back a sesssetup&X response with a negTokenTarg with
>appropriate things in it, however, unlike the previous negTokenInits, this
>blob is not cloaked in GSSAPI, it is raw SPNEGO!
Sounds right

>4. There will be more negTokenTargs if the previous packet had more
>processing required set.
Also sounds right...and there are two ways it is set, both in the SMB error
and in the NegTokenTarg negResult field.

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