[jcifs] Re: Win2K: Primary Domain Fld of Ssn Setup Not Proper ly Zero Term'd

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Tue Aug 27 10:19:01 GMT 2002

>technically, the pipe split was at the RPC PDU layer.  not arbitrary 
>support for loading a named pipe module.  We still have a hard coded
>path for supported pipe names.  It was just the RPC functions that got 
>split out.  This is good from a SQA perspective but maybe not so much 
>for supporting other named pipes (that will come later).

Well, the next thing I plan to do with the DCE funnel is provide the option to
fall back to SAMBA implementations for services not registered in the
endpoint mapper. Although there is an initial cost in decoding the IDL for
NT services and debugging the interoperability of the OSF DCE runtime, it's real
nice to be able to have all the marshalling and unmarshalling taken care of
by an IDL compiler, be able to support RPC directly over IP (as required
by Windos 2000) and yet still have SAMBA funnel over named pipe RPCs. :-)

-- Luke

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