name_type values in struct nmb_name

Tom Alsberg alsbergt at
Tue Aug 27 00:42:01 GMT 2002

Hi there.
Sorry if I missed a few things, I am not yet experienced and
understanding enough of all the details in that mess - CIFS.

A question I have now - in name query requests, there is in the struct
nmb_name a field/member:
  unsigned int name_type;
Assumably this indicates something about the type/purpose of
request/name being resolved, and type of reply requested.

What are those types? I mean, what valid values can the name_type
field have, and what are their meanings? Is there some table of the
possible values / name types somewhere? Or are they defined in some
enum or struct (which I could not seem to find) - then where?

Sorry for the partial ignorance, I have a lot more questions and
unclear matters I am still trying to figure out.

  Thanks, any help/answer appreciated,
  -- Tom

  Tom Alsberg
	Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel,
	Institute of Computer Science and Engineering -
		System Group / Computer Vision Lab

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