Queries regarding User logon and tree con Andx

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Aug 26 08:14:44 GMT 2002

On Sat, 24 Aug 2002, A Kulu wrote:

> Hi ,
>  I have the following queries.
>  1. I was looking at w2K - w2k traces. The tree connect And X
>     always happens only for a validated user. This implies that  
>     a user should have done a SS&X before t con X.
>     Does samba follow the same philosophy or is it an implementation
>     feature( ? :) )  of the w2k redirector ?
>     Can I have a connected tree and no user logged on ?

The negprot/SMBsesssetup/tcon are steps in user mode security as 
described in all of the current CIFS documentation.  CIFS always 
includes a user/connection based model.  Share mode security is
a little different but still includes authentication during the tcon 

>  2. I have also observed that a tree disconnect always happens 
>     before a logoff . What happens to any other trees that 
>     have been mounted by that user ? 

Once a session is disconnected, the vuid is invalid and all tid's a 
invalid as well.

>     Is it that all the trees that have been mounted by the user
>     will be unmounted before the client actually sends a user
>     logoff ?

Not explicitly.

>     Or can other users continue to use the mounted trees even after 
>     a user has logged off ?

See above comment.

cheers, jerry
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