undefined reference to 'get_nt_error_msg'

sharath reddy sharathreddy at
Wed Aug 21 19:54:00 GMT 2002


Since this is my first post to this list, I would like
to thank the Samba team + all volunteers for
developing an awesome product. I work as a Java
programmer in an environment where most people use
Windows, and Samba is the main reason I can continue
to use Linux. 

I synced to the HEAD development branch last night,
and built When I attempted to compile
a program using the library, though, the linker gave
the following errors:

undefined reference to 'get_nt_error_msg'
undefined reference to 'cli_send_keepalive'

Searching the archives, I found this patch from Tom
Jansen that fixed the 'cli_send_keepalive' error:

Apparently it has not been applied to HEAD yet. I
still have the 'get_nt_error_msg' problem, though.
Doing a grep of the source for 'get_nt_error_msg', I
found that it shows up only once, in libsmbclient.c

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Sharath Reddy
Cell : 512 689 4360

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