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Wed Aug 21 14:01:00 GMT 2002

This sort of thing is trivial to write using the jCIFS Java library, but 
that's because jCIFS was written from scratch to be a client toolkit and 
because Java being Java we can do things like multi-thread the crawler.

You might look to jCIFS for examples...

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On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 06:31:57PM -0400, Sean Finney wrote:
> hi all--
> i've been ghosting this list for a few months now, hoping that i might
> read an answer to my question without having to step up and ask, but
> now i'm guessing that this won't be the case, so here goes...
> i'd like to write an application in C that does something along the
> lines of crawling a local area network, finding smb sharing computers
> and enumerating shares.  the closest things i've been able to find to
> a starting point are LinNeighborhood and xsmbrowser. the former relies on 
> smbmount and smbfs (which i'd like to avoid for portability issues), and
> the latter appears to be a tcl/tk wrapper around smbclient.  i suppose i
> could just write this as a perl script, but i'd much rather keep it in
> the mother tongue if i could...
> i've also taken a peek at libsmbclient, and browsed much of the other
> source code, and haven't had much luck with getting things rolling, apart
> from just taking a full copy of the samba source and hacking away at
> the client until it does what i want it to.  is there something i've missed?
> thanks for your time
> --sean

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