Patches to samba 3.0, alpha19 for Stratus VOS

Green, Paul Paul.Green at
Wed Aug 21 12:17:01 GMT 2002

I would like to propose the following patches to Samba 3.0,
alpha19 so that it will build a little easier on my system.  We
have a fairly strict POSIX-96 implementation that is missing a
few Unix-specific features.  Samba comes very close to building
cleanly, and with just a few more changes, is able to build on
VOS.  This is not the complete set of patches to get samba to
run on VOS; it is just the subset that I feel properly belongs
in the master code base.

I have tested these changes on Stratus VOS and on a Solaris
workstation.  samba-3.0-alpha19 builds fine on both platforms
with these changes.  None of these changes are VOS-specific; and
I believe they are safe for all of the Samba build platforms.

Here is an explanation of the proposed changes.

1.   Our file system is limited to 32-character file names, so I
     have renamed a few files to fit within that limit.  I did
     my best to track down references to these files and change
     them to the new names.

     I found references to the first 2 files, but I found no
     references to the last 4 files.  I was forced to make some
     arbitrary decisions to get down to 32 characters; if
     someone has a better suggestion, have at it.  All I care is
     that the names fit.  Affected files:


2.   We do not provide the syslog() function or syslog.h header.
     Samba almost doesn't care, but there is one dangling
     reference.  Affected files:


3.   Removal of the only reference to the non-POSIX declaration
     "caddr_t".  Affected file:


4.   Cleanup of mis-matched references to S_ISUID and S_ISVTX.
     (Bug fix!).  Affected file:


5.   Conditional inclusion of sys/select.h.  Affected file:


6.   We do not implement System-V style shared memory.  The only
     client that uses this feature is the profiling code.  This
     code is already pretty much #ifdef'd out when not in use.
     I simply ifdef'd out a few more spots.  Affected files:



Paul Green, Senior Technical Consultant, Stratus Technologies.
Voice: +1 978-461-7557; FAX: +1 978-461-3610; Video on request.

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