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On Wed, 2002-08-21 at 13:06, Alex Torkhov wrote:
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> > > Do you mean add them to lmhosts?
> > no - not lmhosts
> > WINS
> > set up the clients to use a WINS server (your samba box)
> > it is on the network properties page.
> I say, have not any access to my clients!
> I cannot setup them to use WINS! This is my problem!
If you can't access the clients 
then you can't do anything to help them resolve each other's names. 

If you can't access the clients then this is not your problem anyway -
forget about it or tell the administrator of the clients to configure
them to talk to your WINS server.

> > why would you change your domain master browser very often?
> DMB poweroff - no more DMB.
The Domain master browser is not a workstation - it should not be turned
off very often.
> I cannot do my Samba my DMB - there are many workgroups.
I've not tried it myself but I think samba's WINS server can handle many
workgroups. - but this is irrelevant if you can't use wins

good luck


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