Another showstopper in 2.2.5

Fredrik Ohrn ohrn at
Wed Aug 21 08:43:20 GMT 2002

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Richard Bollinger wrote:

> I looked around to see where all of the signal handling code is / should be...
> lib/signal.c has most of the good stuff... BUT there are calls to sigaction also in
> smbd/notify_kernel.c and smbd/oplock_linux.c which look suspicious.
> I can't reproduce the problem myself, but it looks as though there should be a call to
> ZERO_STRUCT(act) inserted in both kernel_notify_init() and in linux_init_kernel_oplocks(), because
> the structure element sa_mask is left undefined in both cases... thus making it possible for _any_
> signal to occur inside signal handlers being installed in those places.
> What do you guys think?
> Rich Bollinger, Elliott Company

OK, I've tried it out and it didn't help.

I removed my BlockSignals stuff and added ZERO_STRUCT(act) instead, now 
the smbd dies on SIGPIPE just as before.


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