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They say:

"WINS proxies are WINS-enabled computers that listen for b-node NetBIOS name
service functions (name registration, name release, and name query) and can
respond for those names that are remote and not used on the local network.
... When a b-node client registers its name, the proxy checks the name
against the WINS server database. If the name exists in the WINS database,
the proxy might send a negative registration response back to the b-node
client attempting to register the name."

If WINS proxy check WINS database, why cannot it register b-mode client in

> How would you avoid sending duplicate enteries for
> M- and H-mode nodes on the same LAN?
If WINS proxy knows or gets answer from WINS server,
that client and name he asks are in one subnet, then it should not reply to

> If the WINS server sends a Negative Name Registration Response
> to the client, where will it actually go?
It must go to sender (WINS proxy, not its b-mode client).

> Should the WINS server accept name registrations
> if the header IP does not match the registration IP?
We can say that accept such name registration only from list of hosts,
where we write all of our WNIS proxies.


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