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> On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 11:02:04AM +0400, Alex Torkhov wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I looked at sources of nmbd, and did some experiments with it,
> Why?
> You need to be looking at documentation, not at nmbd source.  You need to
> understand how WINS proxy is designed instead of how you wish it would
> work for you.  Since my last reply, I've gone ahead and done that work for
> you.  Read on...

Sorry, I really must read docs.

> > and see that that local announcement does not change WINS database.
> That is correct behavior.  Here's evidence:
> > I think that it is bug, and need to be patched.
> No, it's not a bug.  It is working as designed.
> > I am talking about samba-2.2.5 now.
> > May be someone could patch it.
> > If it will be do for samba-3.0 or if it is already patched, please
> > me.
> Before anything gets changed you'll need to convince people that there is
> a good reason to change it.  As for WINS proxy, it is an outdated feature
> with very limited utility.  It was designed by Microsoft to provide
> support for older implementations which did not understand P-mode.  What
> you are asking for is a new feature which would extend the normal behavior
> of WINS proxy.
> So, the real question is this:  Why do you want a new proxy service that
> will convert broadcast-mode registrations into point-to-point
> registrations and pass them to the NBNS?  Are you running B-mode systems
> that cannot be converted to run in H-mode?  How would you avoid sending
> duplicate enteries for M- and H-mode nodes on the same LAN?  If the WINS
> server sends a Negative Name Registration Response to the client, where
> will it actually go?  Should the WINS server accept name registrations
> if the header IP does not match the registration IP?

I have many non-administered computer running Windows and Linux router.
I want to Windows computers to be able register on Samba-WINS server.

Maybe, I don`t need WINS proxy at all, because my Samba is WINS server.
Actually, I need feature of Samba, that can get B-mode registration
and modify internal WINS database without sending any WINS reply.
Now, I see, that this feature must not be added to WINS proxy.


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