Prepending "\" to user name w/Win98 Domain Login

Simo Sorce idra at
Mon Aug 19 12:48:01 GMT 2002

On Mon, 2002-08-19 at 22:21, Jeff Mandel wrote:
> In reply.c line 927
>     if (sys_getpwnam(dom_user) != NULL) {
>       pstrcpy(user, dom_user);
>       DEBUG(3,("Using unix username %s\n", dom_user));
> This call checks if sys_getpwnam is the same as the dom_user, but it 
> doesn't actually check the info returned from sys_getpwnam, it assumes 
> that if it returns at all, it must be the same. When you throw in the 
> winbind separator, with NIS on solaris, it seems you can get a positive 
> return from sys_getpwnam(\jeff).

I think this is a bug of you NIS/LDAP client, If I ask:
	"does \jeff exist?"
and I get the reply:
	"yes jeff exist!"
then there is a problem on the resolver not on me.

> The returned value though, is not \jeff but that getpwnam string, which 
> should probably be parsed for the user name if a validation was to be 
> done. That way you know if the value returned matches the value you were 
> testing.
> perhaps it should be something like
>  if (parse_user(sys_getpwnam(dom_user)) == dom_user.

I cannot double check every system call, we suppose system calls work as
documented (generally).

> >This log seem to avail your claim, can you provide informations about
> >client OS, NIS server OS, samba version ....
> >
> This is win98 sp2 and samba-2.2.5, solaris 8 and NIS service is provided 
> by padl's ypldapd agains iPlanet directory server. When ypldapd is 
> searching,, I can see that the request is clean:
> [19/Aug/2002:09:01:35 -0700] conn=1908789 op=1583 SRCH base="o=probes" 
> scope=2 filter="(&(objectclass=posixAccount)(uid=jeff))"
> [19/Aug/2002:09:01:35 -0700] conn=1908789 op=1583 RESULT err=0 tag=101 
> nentries=1 etime=0
> I'm guessing from this that the NIS client libraries must be cleaning up 
> the request before passing this along to ypldapd, though it's also 
> possible the ypldapd is cleaning up the request itself.

Then it a problem of ypldap, have you thought to change the separator u
use to say a '+' for example?

> There are certainly some other possibilities with nscd in the mix, but I 
> think it's safe to say that there is a situation when the sys_getpwnam 
> unexpectedly turns up positive.

It must not.

> Maybe it's only in rare cases where people are using ypldapd for NIS on 
> solaris that these lookups can return true, but I think the real issue 
> is the use of the winbind separator when winbind is not in use.

We may address it, but it is only a moderate performance problem (with
nscd nearly uninfluent).

> sys_getpwnam has only one instance in reply.c. When it gets called it's 
> always called with "winbind separator" "username" - never just user 
> name. A <null><null><user> lookup would have a better chance of sucess 
> then <null><separator><user>.

not true, there are 2 occurences of sys_getpwnam, this is the code:

   * Always try the "DOMAIN\user" lookup first, as this is the most
   * specific case. If this fails then try the simple "user" lookup.

    pstring dom_user;

    /* Work out who's who */

    slprintf(dom_user, sizeof(dom_user) - 1,"%s%s%s",
               domain, lp_winbind_separator(), user);

    if (sys_getpwnam(dom_user) != NULL) {
      pstrcpy(user, dom_user);
      DEBUG(3,("Using unix username %s\n", dom_user));

   * Pass the user through the NT -> unix user mapping
   * function.


   * Do any UNIX username case mangling.
  smb_getpwnam(user, True);


smb_getpwnam inside calls sys_getpwnam and pther stuff.

> This is why I'm wondering if winbind is not in use, why this test is 
> done this way. Without winbind, when would you use a winbind separator? 

lazyness I think, I'll see if I can arrange a test before the calls.

> Even if the domain came through properly, what other cases would this 
> syntax (MP\jeff) return true on a getpwnam lookup?

never, only if winbind is in use.

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