I have a excel problem

alex alex at mountainviewdata.com
Sun Aug 18 18:44:01 GMT 2002

I have a excel problem:

If I using samba share(samba 2.2.4 or samba 2.2.5)
user a and b belongs to group allusers
a created a excel file: a.xls, change mode to 774 at windows side
relogin with user b, modify a.xls and save, that file's owner will
changed to b, and mode changed to 644, that means, a cannot edit the 
file any more.

If I using a windows local NTFS partition
after user b save the file, the owner also chenged to b, but the
mode chenged to everyone:rwx, so user a can edit too.

Anybody has the same problem? I think this maybe because excel deleted
the old file and created a new file while saving the file.
Is there a satisfy solution?

Alex Xiang

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