Samba 3.0 alpha 19 released

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Sat Aug 17 17:28:00 GMT 2002

Hi all!

Samba 3.0 alpha 19 has just been released. Changes in this release:

 - Virtual registry framework with printing hooks (jerry)
 - Heavy registry updates (jerry)
 - Use 850 as the default DOS character set in smb.conf (tpot)
 - printer fixes - removed encoding of queueid in job number (jra)
 - A lot of small fixes (jra)
 - Don't crash on setfileinfo on printer fsp(jra)
 - fixed line buffer mode in XFILE(jra)
 - update samba.schema from 2.2 (jerry,idra)
 - Fix problem with oplock breaks and win2k - 
   noticed by Lev Iserovich <lev at> (jra)
 - Update smbgroupedit to document -d - thanks to metze (abartlet)
 - Support weird behaviour used by win9x pass-through auth (abartlet,tpot)
 - Support for duplicating stderr in log files (abartlet)
 - Move startup time initialisation to server.c (abartlet)
 - *A lot* of fixes and cleanups (abartlet)
 - Fix up compiler warnings (abartlet)
 - Few small fixes (tpot)
 - Renamed new_cli_netlogon_* -> cli_netlogon_* (tpot)
 - Fixed segfault in net time when host is unavailable (tridge)
 - Ensure to be root when opening printer backend tdb (jra)
 - Merges from APPLIANCE_HEAD (tpot,jerry)
 - configure updates (tridge)
 - getgrouplist() updates (tridge)
 - Support for pdbedit to query account policy values (abartlet)
 - Allow one to create trusting domain account using smbpasswd (mimir,abartlet)
 - 'Net rpc trustdom list' (mimir, abartlet)
 - Fix fallback to anonymous connection (mimir, abartlet)
 - Fix for pdb_ldap and OpenLDAP 2.1
 - Added support in swat to determine whether winbind is running (idra)
 - Add 'hide unwritable' option (idra)
 - Correct pickup of [homes] share after subsequent session setups (abartlet)
 - Update rebind code in pdb_ldap (abartlet)
 - Add some info levels to RPC srvsvc code - 
   thanks to Nigel Williams" <nigel at> (abartlet)
 - Small doc fixes (tridge)
 - good security patch from Timothy.Sell at (tridge)
 - fix minor nits in nmbd from adtam at (tridge)
 - make sure async dns nmbd child dies (tridge)
 - interim fix for nmbd not registering DOMAIN#1b (tridge)
 - fix for smbtar filename matching (tridge)
 - Better quote handling in smb.conf (abartlet)
 - Support browsers setting multiple languages in swat (idra)
 - Changed str_list_make to be able to use a different separator string (idra)
 - Samsync support to insert account info into the pdb (tpot)
 - Don't hide unwritable dirs when 'hide unwritable' is enabled - 
   suggested by Alexander Oswald <oswald at> (idra)
 - Fix for handling sparse files in smbd (tridge)
 - Merges from 2_2 (jerry)
 - Minor printer fixes (jerry)
 - Add some checks to SID lookup code (abartlet)
 - Cascaded VFS (Alexander Bokovoy, idra)
 - Some netbios-less connections support in ADS mode (tridge)
 - ADS tweaks (tridge)
 - Fix plaintext passwords with win2k (tridge)
 - 'net ads info' reports IP of LDAP server (tridge)
 - Add some more RPC functions (jmcd)
 - Add 'smb ports = ' option (tridge)
 - Various small fixes (tridge)
 - Passdb security checks (abartlet)
 - Large winbind updates (abartlet)
 - Moved rpc client routines from libsmb to rpc_client (tpot)
 - Few nmbd fixes (jmcd)
 - Fix swat to handle new debug level code (idra)
 - Fix name length bug in namequeries (tridge)
 - Don't have client binaries depend on libs they don't use - 
   patch from Steve Langasek <vorlon at> (abartlet)
 - Printing change notification (merged from HEAD_APPLIANCE) (jerry)
 - fix delete printer driver (from HEAD_APPLIANCE) (jerry)
 - Added pdb_xml and pdb_mysql (jelmer)
 - Update pdb_test (jelmer)
 - Fix security issues with %m (abartlet)
 - Support for service joins from win2k AND use SPNEGO (jmcd)
 - pdbedit -i and -e fix, add -b (idra)
 - textdocs converted to sgml (jelmer, jerry)
 - Merge netbios namecache code from APPLIANCE_HEAD (tpot)
 - Fix segs in new NTLMSSP code (abartlet)
 - Always make guest rid 501 (abartlet)

The samba-3,0alpha19.tar.gz should be downloadable
from all samba ftp mirrors from the alpha directory within a few


Jelmer Vernooij                            
Samba Team                                 
Running Samba version 2.999+3.0cvs20020723-1 for Debian

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