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Steven French sfrench at us.ibm.com
Fri Aug 16 12:35:00 GMT 2002

>I'm searching docs about all the parameters ("WrLeh.B....")
>for the several named pipes types : mailslot, lanman,
>srvsvc and how it works.

This is "RAP" - also known as the LANMAN RPC protocol.    It was used for
administering IBM Lan Server/Warp Server (i.e OS/2) and early versions of
NT although there are still a few critical places where Windows still
relies on RAP in preference to sending the same call over DCE/RPC (as most
others are). The X/Open SMB references describes some of the mechanism for
RAP and you should definately take a look at that.   The SNIA Technical
Reference just lists the ordinals for the RAP calls, not the parameter
descriptor strings.  Note that Paul Leach posted the parameter description
strings publically a few years ago.   He also did a writeup on a few of the
simpler calls in ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/developr/drg/CIFS/cifsrap2.doc and

Also See samba/source/include/rap.h and the Samba "net" utility which may
be useful for understanding more.

>I've checked the docs from Microsoft (CIFS drafts of 1997
>and 2001) and there is not a lot of description of
>parameters for the TRANS2_QUERY_FS_INFORMATION,
>How this commands works and what there are doing.

There wasn't a Microsoft CIFS draft for 2001 (which doc are you talking
about) but the 1997 Microsoft draft missed a few pieces of information in
this area that was later filled in the SNIA CIFS Technical Reference.  The
cifs vfs (cifspdu.h) includes defines for some of the useful device
attributes but not all of the volume attributes yet.

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