alternate form of tconX response

Steven French sfrench at
Thu Aug 15 17:00:01 GMT 2002

Well some clients (e.g. the cifs vfs) would not be hurt by the wct=7
because the fields are at the end of the wct area and would be ignored, but
I would not rely on that in general.   The server really should check the
tconx flags to determine which to send.  The mechanism is simple - if in
the tconX request the client sets the tcon flags to 0x0008 it indicates its
desire for getting the mask (as Win2K and XP do) - so give it the extra 2
DWORDs in the response - otherwise don't.   Same thing on the NTCreateX
presumably - one of the multiple flag fields that the client sends on the
NTCreateX request will end up being what tells the server it wants the
extra fields in the response.

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Shirish Kalele <kalele at> on 08/15/2002 08:06:48 PM

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Thanks, Jeremy.

The one thing I haven't looked at is whether older clients can handle
these new-fangled tconX and ntcreate&X replies, or whether we'll have to
fall back to the old ones based on remote_arch.

I'll try and patch HEAD soon with a proper fix both for share and file

- Shirish

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002 jra at wrote:

>On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 04:15:20PM -0700, Shirish Kalele wrote:
>> Steve,
>> There are two extra DWORDs of similar form in the NTCreate&X replies
>> by Windows 2000. Win2K sends 42 words instead of the known 34.
>> While exploring client-side caching, I discovered that these are
>> access masks for the "User" who's opening the file and "Everyone Else"
>> respectively.  These access masks are used instead of the original NTACL
>> when the file is accessed offline through the CSC cache. The two access
>> masks you are seeing are probably similar "Simple File Sharing"
>> equivalents of share ACLs.
>> Here's a small patch (against Samba 2.2.4) to illustrate SFS masks. You
>> can see the effect different masks have on the files cached by CSC.
>Damn good work ! We should definately put this into HEAD.
>Thanks Shirish !

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