Clarification on file purposes.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Aug 15 08:07:09 GMT 2002

On Sun, 11 Aug 2002, odc wrote:

> brlock.tdb

byte range locking (volatile)

> browse.dat

browse lists maintained by nmbd (volatile)

> connections.tdb

connection information (volatile)

> locking.tdb

share mode, oplocks, etc... (volatile)

> messages.tdb

Samba messaging system (volatile)

> namelist.debug

debug data for nmbd (volatile)

> ntdrivers.tdb
> ntforms.tdb
> ntprinters.tdb

Used to store printer/driver/form inforamationf or driver download 

> printing.tdb

print queue data (volatile)

> share_info.tdb

file share acl information (non-volatile)

> unexpected.tdb

unexpected packets queued for nmbd (volatile)

> There is also, a secrets.tdb file in the conf directory.  Am I correct
> in assuming this is the data file for the Machine SID's ?

Yes, as well as the machine trust acount password for security = domain.
ldap admin password, domain sid, etc...

> There is also no manpage for tdbbackup -- and I'm a little hesitant to
> see what happens when I run it on my Samba network = ) Some explanation
> on its operation would be teriffic.

I'll let someone else handle this....

cheers, jerry
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