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On Wed, 14 Aug 2002 JIbarra at wrote:

> We run SAMBA on a Unix box with case sensitive file naming (i.e. standard
> Unix usage). 
> Relevant entries in smb.conf
> case sensitive = yes

This is really bad.  Do no do this unless you are willing to suffer the 
consequences of certain file searches not working....

> mangled map = (*.html *.htm)

This may or may not work.  No one really tests it that I know of.

> I have another (undesirable) fix available, which is to set the Samba
> server to be case insensitive but this leaves a gaping hole whereby two
> files differing only in case could be incorrectly retrieved (or worse
> the incorrect one overwritten). Any other suggestions as alternative to
> the two former??

SMB (and Windows file systems) expect case insensitive file matches.

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