New approach to win2k joins...

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Wed Aug 14 03:28:02 GMT 2002

>>4) running another program which issues an lsa 0x2f (which is what step 2
>>does, too, so I think step 2 might not be necessary) which sets the
>>name, the dns domain name, the forest name, the GUID, and the SID of the
>This is LsarSetInformationPolicy2().
Yup, that's basically the only call in the program I wrote.

>>6) modified nmbd to respond to mailslot opcode 0x12 with new opcodes 0x17
>>and 0x19, which return more AD information (such as domain GUID) to the
>Do these correspond to an RPC service?
No, they correspond to a connectionless ldap request...

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