[FYI] samba_2_2 openLdap 2.1.3 and the auxiliary/structural objects

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at unav.es
Tue Aug 13 23:24:19 GMT 2002

Luke Howard wrote:
> The fact that "sn" is required is a constant annoyance. :-) It's
> good to use person or a subclass thereof for compatibility with white
> pages-type clients (e-mail address books, etc). The Active Directory
> "User" object class is also derived from person.
> Here however, it is perhaps better that the user of "person" as a
> structural object class is best left to administrators. SAMBA can
> just add the sambaAccount auxiliary object class to such entries.
> In the case where there is no existing entry, then SAMBA should
> probably use the "account" structural object class which only
> requires the "uid" attribute. See section 5.3 of RFC 2307.

thanks a lot, this (the account object when no pevious entry is present) 
may simplify the things.


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