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Tue Aug 13 07:35:36 GMT 2002

At 18:17 2002-08-13, Simo Sorce wrote:
>Machine Passwords change once a week by default.
>There are a few things you can do:
>1. change the default so that passwords take more time to change
>    I would not do that it lower the security of you network a lot.

Those settings are on workstation side or on server side - they are global 
or per workstation (maybe I can set those setting only on "students" 
workstations which security is not so important)?

>2. when you do the image also save the password being used when you
>    shut down the source machine and then reset to that saved password
>    the machine accounts on restore. (I would go for this one, but be
>    careful I had it mostly working in my test but sometimes not).

So how about this
at 13.8 I made clone from mother01 to dauther01...50 after 1.5 week 
machines dauther20..25 are softwarely destroyed thru students and they are 
recloning from image of mother01 picked at date 13.8. So now I must setup 
special software which set machine passwords of dauther20..25 again to 13.8 
password of mother01? As for me it seems complicated, but it can be done.

>3. rejoin at every installation (unfortunately requires root being
>    present at restore time).

That is an option (last resort), but when it needed rejoning it needed 
human interaction - it is not necessary always possible.

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