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Dimiter Kehajov DKehajov at HQ.EIBANK.BG
Tue Aug 13 03:22:00 GMT 2002

Sorry for my misunderstanding I'm a novice in Linux and want to ask
something. Untill now I successfuly used RHL working as a PDC and everything
just working fine.

I'm trying to implement Red Hat Linux 7.3 system in Windows NT enviroment
with PDC and BDC's as a standalone server using samba. I want to use this
machine to provide file services for users.
I compiled and instaled samba 2.2.5 with winbind and pam modules,
successfully join a domain with smbpasswd -j DOMAINNAME -r PDC NAME -U
Administrator , and I can see users and groups from console with  wbinfo -u
and wbinfo -g. 
The samba server appears in Server manager, I can see server from network
neighbourhood and shares but when I try to configure permissions i receive
errors and can't give the correct permissions on selected shares.
Actually I can see domain users and groups. Default users on selected share
is smbroot and everyone. When I try to add someone else and choose apply I
receive error and can't accept the permisions. 
Does anyone tell if that is possible to realize and what I'm doing wrong. I
just want to install RHL 7.3 server with samba as a standalone aplication
server and give permissions on shared resources for users and groups from NT
Domain controler. Is it possible or not?

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