Another showstopper in 2.2.5

Fredrik Ohrn ohrn at
Mon Aug 12 10:20:57 GMT 2002

On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, Fredrik Ohrn wrote:

> Ok, here's another showstopper I have started to get alot over the last 
> week.
> Tonight I'll see if I can figure out a way to force the problem and use 
> the panic action to get more clues. Does anyone have a good recepie for 
> 'panic action' that just dumps a backtrace into a logfile?

OK, I've done some more tinkering.

I havn't found a better way to trigger this then to open a Word doc, type 
some, save, sit around, type some, save, sit around. It takes patience...

After a while the save fails and Word pops up the following mesage:

  The save failed due to out of memory or disk space.

In this example the initial smbd has pid 19957, I have rasied it's debug 
level to 10 with smbcontrol, se the attached logfile.

I did the save a Word document dance. Suddenly it freezes for about 30 
seconds, then it pops up the mesage.

A quick look with smbstatus:

[root at olivia bin]# ./smbstatus | grep ohrn
ohrn         ohrn     staff    20033   canine   ( Mon Aug 12 14:43:28 2002
19957  DENY_NONE  0x2019f     RDWR       NONE             /olivia/home3/sys/ohrn/foobar/~WRL0005.tmp   Mon Aug 12 14:43:26 2002

Notice that I am now served by pid 20033 and pid 19957 is dead.

Apparently it's pid 20033 that refuses the save, unfortunatley I don't 
have any logs since the debug level is reset back to 0. Tomorrow night 
I'll change it directly in the smb.conf and redo the experiment.

The next observation is that pid 19957 didn't crash, atleast not in a way 
that is caught by 'panic action'. I have double checked my gdb recepie 
by manually doing kill -SEGV and that works.

Options if interest are: oplocks = no, deadtime = 0, keepalive = 30

A correction of the topic, it's v2.2.6-pre1, I forgot that it was still 
up and running.

This is on a linux box running kernel v2.4.19 in case it's of any 

The client is running Windows XP.

So, what do I do next?


   "It is easy to be blinded to the essential uselessness of computers by
   the sense of accomplishment you get from getting them to work at all."
                                                   - Douglas Adams

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