Another showstopper in 2.2.5

Pascal pascal at
Mon Aug 12 08:11:14 GMT 2002

Le Lundi 12 Août 2002 17:39, Mike Gerdts a écrit :
> On Mon, 2002-08-12 at 10:54, David Collier-Brown wrote:
> > Fredrik Ohrn wrote:
> > > OK, I'll try 30 instead of the default 300. But I don't expect it to
> > > help, in this case it seems that it's the smbd process that blows up,
> > > not the client.
> >
> > 	Ok, I was afraid of that!
> >
> > 	Blown SMBDs are Bad Things (:-))
> I have run into this same problem from time to time with 2.2.2.  I was
> hoping that the upgrade to 2.2.5 that I did yesterday would fix it...
> On the surface, it appears as though a panic action program that does
> lock scrubbing would be useful.  I envision a standalone program that
> takes a filename and pid as an argument.  If it encouters a lock
> belonging to the given pid, it removes the lock from the database.
> Perhaps if the program is given only one argument (the lock file) it
> traverses the tdb checking to see if each pid mentioned is alive.
> What would this break?
> Mike

I thought that this was already done internally at start of the new smbd for a 
client ? It scans the locking.tdb to get rid of old locks.

I still think the code that deals with theses locks is to be reviewed deeply. 
As I showed in a post concerning fifo files, it appears locks are not always 
handled at the correct moment...


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