samba-2.2.5/source/lib/nameresolve.c:resolve_wins() only tries once?

Buck Huppmann buckh at
Mon Aug 12 06:55:01 GMT 2002

am i correct in supposing that a call to internal_resolve_name() that
gets dispatched to resolve_wins() will only take a shot at one WINS
server before returning False? i'm thinking it would be nice if this
weren't the case, e.g., if you have

	security = domain
	name resolve order = wins
	wins server = wins1 wins2 wins3
	password server = *

and a client connects, a new smbd (with an unexpurgated copy of the
wins server list) gets forked, the smbd can't locate a domain con-
troller because wins1 is down so get_dc_list() returns a failed
lookup status from internal_resolve_name()'s 0x1c and 0x1b queries
to wins1, so the client is denied, client goes away, another client
connects, another forked smbd tries contacting wins1 etc.

or maybe i'm confused about the authentication/domain_client_validate()
process, in which case, please let me know. in any case, i suppose
there are better configuration options

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