Fcntl hangs in 2.2.5 on Solaris

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Sat Aug 10 05:11:01 GMT 2002


> 	So, let me ask some spinlock question: 
> 	1) I know that if one process goes down holding a 
> 	spinlock, the lock will be non-removable. Will it be 
> 	removed if all smbds go down, and specifically if 
> 	they go down on a system crash, or are they persistent?

If a process goes down holding a lock then you can either fall apart
(spinlocks) or silently go on with a potentially corrupt database (fcntl
locks). Either way has its issues.

Tdb should have support for futexes soon (fast Linux locks that use OS
support to handle contention). The OS does not clean up after futex
locks so to samba they behave like spinlocks. In light of this (and
that people are using the current spinlock code) we should probably do
something to address the problem with spinlocks.

I remember last time saying to Jeremy that samba never SEGVs. For the
non believers perhaps we can have a watchdog process or a SEGV handler
to restart the world when necessary.


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