New approach to win2k joins...

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Mon Aug 5 15:55:02 GMT 2002

>> But when I try to logon, it tries to use the short version of the domain
>> the realm...which my MIT KDC doesn't like.  Any ideas here?
>when is it supposed to get the realm ? are you sure it's getting it
>correctly ?
I'm not sure exactly what your question is, but this is exactly how a win2k
<->win2k interaction is.  If there is a short (netbios) domain name that
shows up in the logon screen, that's what gets sent as the realm for the
principal to the KDC...and the tgt that is returned has the full true realm
name in the principal...!
>do you have a trace of a user logging on the box ?
I can give you this or the equivalent in win2k<->win2k, and you'll see the
realm thing I'm talking about...

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