Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Mon Aug 5 02:11:02 GMT 2002

On  4 Aug 2002, Max TenEyck Woodbury <mtew at cds.duke.edu> wrote:
> Apparently the entire FTP tree for SaMBa was torn down on 24 July 2002.
> The reason given was that there was too big a load on ftp.samba.org.
> The README.FTP file that replaced the SaMBa tree suggests using mirror
> sites or http:.
> The mirror sites I looked at are inconsistent in their handling of FTP.
> us1.samba.org has the README.FTP message, so it's useless.
> us2.samba.org seems to be usable, but is slow and may be overloaded.
> us3.samba.org does not map (no route to host)
> us4.samba.org does not allow access (access denied)
> us5.samba.org does not map (no route to host)
> us6.samba.org seems to be usable and reasonably fast.
> I use a weekly mirror batch job to keep my local copy of the SaMBa tree
> close to up to date. Needless to say it just blew its cookies.

Is that your way of saying you were contributing to the main machine
being overloaded? :-)

I know there is a temptation to automatically mirror things just so
that you have an up-to-date copy whenever you want it.  But please
don't download files if you will not use them.  If nobody at your site
actually rebuilds Samba every week, then mirroring it every week is

If you do actually build Samba every week (good for you!), then rsync
or anoncvs will be faster for you, and will save money for us.

> 2) Is there a way to get mirror to use http or are the mirrors setup to
>    use rsync?

What do you mean?

If you go to 


then you will be transparently redirected to an up-to-date and
reachable mirror site.  If you find that this isn't working, please
let us know.


p.s. it's spelt "Samba"

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