Pablo Alcaraz pabloa at
Sun Aug 4 07:25:01 GMT 2002


I wish that a box can run alternatively 2 samba server configuration 
(smb_a y smb_b).

For this I have 2 smb.conf files (smb.conf.a and smb.conf.b). When I 
need smb_a I rename smb.conf.a => smb.conf and restart samba. The same 
thing for smb_b.

The problem is that my configuration set 'server = domain' and one 
configuration run ok inside of domain and the other does not run (samba 
ask for manual login).

I suspect that the problem is MACHINE.SID. I think I need 2 different 
MACHINE.SID files. Is that correct?

Can I use samba %L variable to indicate a differente MACHINE.SID?

Does the MACHINE.SID file dependent of the hardware of the server?



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