Netbench results on a linux 4-way system

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Aug 1 07:58:23 GMT 2002

Andrew Theurer wrote:
> Hyperthreading.  With 2 physical processors, I can get 25% better results!!!
> with 4 physical processors, I only get 2% better.  I may be running into
> other bottlenecks on the 4 physical/8 logical CPU case, so I hope there is
> room for improvement.  However there are probably a lot more 2-way P4 systems
> out there than 4-way, so I bet this could really benefit a lot of people out
> there.

	Hmmn: can you tell if you're hitting a network limitation
	or if your disks are saturated? It would be cool to know if
	it's an external or a kernel bottleneck.

	I'll opine that it's not Samba itself, as a colleague has
	run many many sambae on a largish Sun multiprocessor (;-))

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