Netbench results on a linux 4-way system

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Aug 1 07:55:03 GMT 2002

Andrew Theurer wrote:
> Some other things I think may be worth investigating:
> gettimeofday().  Samba calls this a lot, one for every reply I think, to check
> for connection timeout.  This means we go into kernel mode every single time
> we call this, something I'd like to avoid.  And I also don't think we need
> the resolution of gettimeofday for this.  How about some sort of timer in
> samba with a 1 second granularity?  I admit I have not thought about how to
> do this, but there's gotta be a way.

	On Solaris, gettimeofday is a bit heavier-weight 
	than I'd like, so it's my second favorite time-getter.

	Again, on Solaris I tend to use gethrtime, which I
	know is really fast (it does a load instruction
	and returns without actually going all the way into
	kernel state).

	In Linux, is gettimeofday this kind of light-weight
	function, or is there a fully-supported fast fucntion
	that could yeild a properly comparable value?

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