Visual Studio 6 + Samba 2.2.5 misbehaves.

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Thu Aug 1 05:49:04 GMT 2002

Mathew McKernan wrote:
> Hi Fredrik,
> This problem has been found with any server. Whether it be Samba or 2k or
> NT. I have had this problem with a NT server, as we didn't have a NTP server
> at the time, I used "net time \\server /set /yes" in the logon script. Made
> life a lot easier. I use the "net time \\server" method at home as I run a
> mixture of XP/98 workstations and a Samba server. I can't be bothered
> finding a NTP sync program for 98 workstations *grin*.
> Remember that with general NT/2k/XP permissions won't allow users to change
> clock time, so in your Domain Policies/Local Security Policies/User Manager
> (depending on OS) you need to set the advanced options to allow "Users can
> change system time". By default Administrators and Power users only can.

Or setup an NTP server an use 'ntptime' to syncronise them as 'system'.

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